About Us

eCom Creations is a video ad creative agency, founded by Scott, for the sole purpose of providing the eCommerce community with the best video ads and in the most cost effective way!

Scott started his journey into eCommerce with dropshipping back in 2015. After several failed attempts, the young entrepreneur took a break to review and analyze his data. He discovered that his sites were getting very little traffic. He quickly realized that his audience was not interested in his boring slideshow videos. After trying many different ads, he finally saw a great increase in the amount of traffic he received and immediately seen a massive jump in sales.

Through this rocky journey of eCommerce he discovered a new passion for himself. He loved to create and edit video ads. Today, Scott dedicates his time to creating the best quality ads for his clients and collecting together the best team of editors and scriptwriters possible for the greatest possible success to help you Crush eCom! 🚀